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Dear Friend,

We would like to invite your participation in this year's Local Living Festival ~A Celebration of Resourceful Living Skills~ to be held on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at the Village Green in the center of downtown Canton, NY. 

This event is a great opportunity to showcase your work, hobbies and interests, or to pass on invaluable skills to an expected audience of 1,200 to 2,000 people.

If you decide to formally share your skills with attendees in a 45 minute workshop or by doing three demonstrations during the day, your booth space is free!  (Always free or low cost for small community groups, of course.)


For more information about the Festival in general, click here.

Please complete the registration form below ASAP and please be sure that you and your booth staff read the FAQ.


Many thanks!
Max McCann
Festival Co-Coordinator

for the Local Living Venture team

E x h i b i t o r   R e g i s t r a t i o n

Workshop Registration is available here, this form is for a physical exhibit or demonstration space only.

  • Please note that it is best to COPY THIS FORM (Select All and Copy), drop it into an email, fill in the blanks and send by email to LocalLivingFestival@gmail.com
  • Please do not send a Word document; it creates formatting issues that slow our progress, so straight email is preferable please.  Thanks so much!
  • Please indicate something for each question so we don't have to contact you again for verification.



Items with an asterisk * may appear in the official Program or website.



NAME(S) of other Booth Staff:




* BUS. PHONE:  (          ) 

CELL PHONE:  (          ) 



(Name & Telephone):

BRIEF DESCRIPTION of your Exhibit or Project and it's purpose for inclusion on the Festival webpage.  (1 or 2 lines - if we have to edit, we will not be able to include this information for you) 
Note: This item is to describe YOUR BOOTH SPACE ONLY.  If you are a demonstrator only please skip to the next item, BUT if you plan to both exhibit goods or services and demonstrate (free booth with three scheduled demo's), please fill in both items - this one for the Exhibitor page, the next for the Demo's page.

We need to include these demo's
(do three to get booth space free of charge!) in the Festival Program or signage, please be descriptive.
Please describe what you will do, briefly. This is for publicity purposes, so please "think marketing!":
Length of time (approximately) for Demo:
(If doing different Demo's please fill in separate descriptions and lengths for each.)
What times of day work best for you, if it matters, to be on the official schedule:
Note:  Please note any special needs in the categories below.

Please contact me about advertising in the Program.  YES / NO
I am interested in 

Full page          1/2 page          1/4 Page       1/8 Page       Mini-Ad
     $275               $150                $80                $50              $25
7.5w x 10h  7.5w x 4.75h  3.5w x 4.75h   3.5w x 2.25h  1.50w x 2.25h

Please enclose payment with booth fee, see below.  Deadline for submission is Aug. 25.  All ads are black & white.  We will contact you with ad specifications; they can also be found near the bottom of the FAQ webpage.

Please contact me about being a Festival Sponsor.    YES / NO

DESCRIBE ITEMS TO BE SOLD (on site or ordered for later delivery), if applicable: 


-  All foods must be grown locally and all crafts must be made by the vendor.

-  Any items used in crafts that are not handmade should be recycled, re-purposed, etc.  If you’re not sure, please confer with us as this is key to our mission. 

- Any products, equipment and services should promote or relate to resourceful living skills, renewable energy, sustainability, etc. 

- Our commitment to being Zero Waste festival is very important to us. Please be sure that all of your booth staff read the Zero Waste guidelines in the FAQ provided when you click here.


Farmers Market               $5

Handcrafted Goods         $15

Community Group           $0-20  (Budget-less? Ask to have fee waived!)

Non-profit Organization   $20-50    

For-profit Business          $50-75

1)  For fee ranges, it’s up to you how much support you can offer to give.  We gratefully accept all contributions towards making this a great community Festival!

2)  Booth fees for all Speakers are waived (please note this in payment area above.)  Booth fees for all Community Partners are waived (please note this in payment area above.)

3)  Booth fees for Exhibitors doing three or more pre-arranged demonstrations of rural skills at their Festival booth will have their fee waived.  Please indicate in the payment area above if you are interested in this activity (explain fully please) and we will contact you.

TYPE OF EXHIBITOR: ________________ (see Fee Schedule above):

PAYMENT (please fill in the amounts you are contributing, below)

BOOTH FEE  (see below)                                 $
ADVERTISEMENT (if applicable, see above)  $
EXTRA DONATION (if applicable)                    $   

TOTAL ENCLOSED:                                         $

(please note the check #, M.O., PayPal, etc.)

PAYMENT MADE or MAILED ON: (note the date please)     

“Local Living Venture" or use a credit or debit card at  
(Click on the "Donate Pay Pal" icon. You do not have to belong to PayPal to use their services as a guest.)
CHECKS: PLEASE MAIL TO the LLV at PO Box 736, Canton, NY 13617

Outdoor spaces generally refer to a space in the Village Green.
Indoor spaces are in one of the five workshop venues directly around the Village Green (churches, library, Historical Society, etc.)  In some instances, if appropriate, you may set up outside one of these venues, instead of indoors.

OUTDOOR BOOTH  - please indicate which of the below pertain to you: 
      outdoors only / preferably / if needed / cannot be outdoors / other (explain)
Note that the most activity will occur outdoors in the Village Green, giving you the best exposure.  In the case of inclement weather, you will have the option to set up indoors instead but that will be decided that morning as you check in to the Welcome Tent for your booth assignment.


INDOOR BOOTH - please indicate which of the below pertain to you: 
      indoors only / preferably / if needed / cannot be indoors / other (explain)


HOW MUCH SPACE DO YOU NEED?  Please indicate the range you can work with, from smallest to largest size you would reasonably use.  Space may be limited (more so indoors); please be realistic.  We will do our best to give you as much space as possible!

_____ feet x _____ feet minimum

_____ feet x _____ feet maximum

Note that indoor spaces may be in any of several venues which may have peculiar dimensions and require further information be shared with you, which we will provide if you are assigned to that area. 

Register for a vehicle as an integral part of the display:  YES  NO

Energy Fair-related trucks may park on-site, but please note it here.  If the vehicle is needed WITH the display, please note it here.  If yes, describe vehicle, and need:

Accessible Parking for wheelchair/other special needs is available in many downtown locations.

Electricity Needed? 
List wattage needed (or components being powered if you don't know the watts) please:

Locations with electricity are limited - sign up early!  Please bring your own extension cords.  If it's important to you, please ask us for distances when booths are assigned; we cannot be responsible for your connection though we will do our best to inform you!

Access to Water Needed?  How much, how close, why, etc.?:

Banners, Signs, Hanging Objects to be displayed (describe, if so, including details on how it may be hung - tape, hooks, etc.):  

We ask that you bring your own tables and chairs.
If you are unable to bring Tables and Chairs, we cannot guarantee availability but will know in advance if this is the case. Only if you truly do not have any of your own, please indicate the number and size(s) needed.  Please be specific and assume folding chairs and 24" or 30" x 4', 6' and 8' tables:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Pets / Dogs are not allowed in the indoor venues and are not encouraged at outdoor ones due to safety issues (for people and pets.)

For a list of local accommodations (motels, B&B's, etc.) please click here to see the FAQ (scroll to near the bottom.)
“Rough” Camping may available upon request for out of town vendors, please note your needs here:


Please return the above information as soon as possible for inclusion in the pre-printed Directory.  (Late entries will be noted elsewhere on site, but not distributed to all Festival-goers.)

Please contact the Exhibit Organizer at LocalLivingFestival@gmail.com


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