Monarch Butterflies

Please do what you can to plant a major host plant species of the Monarch, the milkweed plant, wherever you can!

Check out more general information on the plight of the beautiful Monarch here:


The Potsdam Food Co-op sells the seed for 100% LOCAL Swamp Milkweed, the best item we can grow here locally - and milkweed flowers are beautiful, this is NOT a 'weed!' (but then again, most things aren't.)  Seeds are on the shelves at the Co-op very Spring!  Stocks are limited, so get on in there soon.
24 Elm St., Potsdam, NY

The Hospital Guild at the E.J. Noble Medical Center on East Main St (next to the Best Western) planted a lovely butterfly garden (see the story here!) - it's worth a visit in summertime if you're passing by!  Maybe it can provide some inspiration for your garden.

Thank you for doing whatever you can to Save the Pollinators!

Here is information on a great program that you can get into for your school or community garden!
The Local Living Venture has registered as a site because of our extensive network of beekeepers (over 150 families on our list!) living across a three county region of the North Country...we are sharing seeds with them and with people at our booth at the many outreach events we attend each Summer to help encourage the Monarch Butterfly, Honey Bees and the other pollinators we depend on!

Plant a Pollinator Garden at Home or School

A monarch butterfly soars against a blue sky and white clouds above a purple milkweed flower.
A monarch takes flight from its host plant, a milkweed.
NPS (National Park Service)

Did you know that every third bite of food we eat is due to pollinators? It’s true! Bees, butterflies, birds, and other pollinators help grow our food, keep our flowers blooming, and make our lands healthy. For many reasons, including lack of habitat, pollinators are struggling to survive.

Last year, President Obama directed all federal agencies to assist in pollinator conservation to protect our nation’s food security and to help keep pollinators healthy. The President’s National Pollinator Initiative is a commitment to sustaining the future of pollinators through research, policy, education, and action. As pollinators thrive and multiply, we all benefit.

Your help is needed! Pollinators are our friends, so go forth and sow!

W. Atlee Burpee & Co. donated a half a million seed packets to the National Park Service to share with school children across the country. By planting these seeds in your home or school garden, you can be a part of the international effort to keep beauty in the air and food on our tables!

Share and register your garden at the Pollinator Partnership website. If you are a teacher or youth leader in the lower 48 states and would like seed packets to start your school or community garden, please email the National Park Service to request a free box of seed packets.

The Local Living Venture is a SHARE Pollinator Partner