Pie For You!

~ we look forward to your support again in 2020!

  Order  your  Thanksgiving !

          Pumpkin  Pies ! !

Organic  or  Vegan Organic options!

Delicious organic heritage pie pumpkins donated by Kent Family Growers!
Generous donations also provided by the Potsdam Food Co-op & Carriage House Bakery!

  Baked with love,  just for you! !
     Benefits the Local Living Venture!

Order by email, the form is below.
Or leave a message at (315) 347-4223. (Email preferred.)
USE THE FORM BELOW if ordering by phone please so we can email you a confirmation.
When the message begins, hit the # key to avoid the long outgoing message for workshops.

Pick up:
Mon   11/19  4-6 pm
Tues  11/20  4-6 pm
Presbyterian Church, 42 Elm St.
Tues  11/20  5-6 pm
Canton location TBA
For other arrangements, if needed, select the Canton option when ordering and we'll be in touch!


(eggs/dairy)   9" pie   $12                    VEGAN     9" pie      $15 
           Pie Crust:                                                                Pie Crust:
organic all-purpose flour                                         organic all-purpose flour
shortening or local lard                                           vegan shortening
salt                                                                          salt
water                                                                       water
           Filling:                                                                     Filling:
baked organic pumpkin                                          baked organic pumpkin
homemade evaporated organic milk                      homemade organic oat "milk"
eggs                                                                       organic cane sugar
organic cane sugar                                                cornstarch
cinnamon                                                               cinnamon
ginger                                                                    ginger
nutmeg                                                                  nutmeg
salt                                                                        vanilla

Order here:
Please COPY the form below, and email it in:
Payment can be made on-site when picking up, by cash or check made out to 'LLV'.

Reply to  LocalLivingVenture@gmail.com  filling in this form:


Organic Pumpkin Pie $12   Quantity  ___
Vegan Organic Pumpkin Pie $15   Quantity  ___
Payment by cash or check (to 'LLV') upon pick up!

Pick Up    (choose one)

Presbyterian Church, 42 Elm St.
Mon   11/19  4-6 pm
Tues  11/20  4-6 pm

Tues  11/20  5-6 pm
Canton location TBA (we'll be in touch! Hopefully UU Church)
For other arrangements, if needed, note here.

Thank You for your support * Enjoy your pie!
We will email a personal confirmation within 24 hours.

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  T h e   L o c a l   L i v i n g  V e n t u r e
Sharing Knowledge from the Past  ~  Building Skills for the Future
Coordinating near-weekly Resourceful Living Skills Workshops, community events and information exchanges - sharing traditional rural and simple living skills for a healthy and capable community.
We collaborate in presenting these life-long learning events with generous community members who have skills and knowledge to share.

The Local Living Venture is coordinated entirely by volunteers.
With a small staff, and your support, we make big things happen!

Serious Fun * Delightful Education
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 Local Living Venture
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A 501(c)3 community-based non-profit organization
By and for YOU and all our neighbors!


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