Our latest raffle is a great one for the right person!
Rocket Cook Stove  * a "summer kitchen" cooker!

Cook meals, can food from your garden and boil down syrup outdoors
(needs to be under shelter, but open air) with just twigs and kindling
- amazing results with little fuel and virtually no emissions!

Participants in a workshop
Playing With Fire: Rocket Stove Build for a Summer Kitchen
on June 11, 2016 built a cob and metal unit that is portable and is being raffled off!

YOU could be the lucky winner!
Tickets   *   $10 each   *   6 for $50   *   "Lucky 13" for $100

All proceeds benefit Local Living Venture workshop creation. 
The finalized date to pick the winning ticket is Saturday, August 20, 2016.
Need not be present to win, but it will be a fun day, join us - here's the event link!

To enter the Raffle
Just leave a message at 315) 347-4223!
OR mail your check to:
Local Living Venture
PO Box 736, Canton, NY 13617

Please include your full name, email address and phone number for the ticket(s).
We will send you the raffle stubs by return mail or email!

Transport and pick up, near Canton, NY 13617, is the responsibility of the winner.  The unit weighs approximately 200-250 pounds (65-85 kilos) and has angle iron "handles" to accomodate four persons for transfer to a truck or trailer.  It is highly recommended that the new home for the unit be an outdoor, well-ventilated space under cover from weather.  Smoke (or more likely "heat shimmer") will exhaust to open air so the unit can not be installed indoors.  The cob-based burn chamber insulation is not weather-proof and the unit will rust and rot if left exposed to rain and snow.  Some reasonable amount of cover is recommended and also facilitates three, and even four, season outdoor cooking!  The unit shall be considered forfeited to the LLV if it is not picked up within 30 days of notification to the winner, or reasonable accomodation made in advance of that time.

Unit shown is the stove completed during the Rocket Cook Stove Workshop held by the Local Living Venture (LLV) on June 11, 2016.  Nine attendees worked with workshop presenter Eddie Goldstein and LLV host Chelle Lindahl to assemble the cob on the metal core of the stove and to engage in much discussion of fire science and rocket stovery!
This unit being raffled is considered to be in a "finished" state but materials will be made available to the winner to add a "finish" decorative coat to personalize the stove should the winner desire to do so.
The unit pictured here is designed to be installed on an open porch or under some basic cover so that it is not exposed to the elements directly.
Wooden cart shown not included.

Rocket Cook Stove * WORKSHOP
The unit will be built as a team effort during an educational workshop on June 11, 2016 coordinated by the Local Living Venture (LLV).  The unit will then be raffled to support the LLV! 
All registered participants in the workshop to build the unit will receive five free raffle tickets as part of their workshop benefits.  Tickets will be sold to the general public as well. Attendees may purchase additional tickets on site at the workshop if they wish to.
All proceeds will benefit Local Living Venture workshop creation. 

See the June 11, 2016 Workshop details HERE

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